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Full Version: L2 Screenies
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As you know, me, biggs, dum3z, dwopple, and rae are all playing on L2 server..tons of fun:)Here are some screenies:D
Seems to me like a WoW wana be :-/
Gg, you lost your talking privileges. This came out 7 months before WoW.
yes it did and it has better gfx than WoW
meh...i wish i could get mine to work...
penq: if u wanna play go on irc, and ask for help...#hshelp, its that easy:P
Looks boring. I might try it.
[Image: Shot00025.jpg]

We're the few, the proud, the only ones who could get it to work! But with the new patcher it should be easier to make it work.

WoW wannabe my ass rofl.
eh, same as WoW except wow is better
guess wow is serious and this is just pure fun:D
i might dl it sometime, man 1.6 gig is alot on that shitty 1.5 kb/s a connection
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