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Full Version: Save your mouse!?!?
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Click the top one for those of you who cant read japanese and dont let that guy touch your mouse. Just like you dont want biggs touching you :X

Post your best score, so far mines 579
I'd rather waste my time on other nonsense games.
dude that guy cheated. He used a cannon to blow my mouse to bits.:(

EDIT: WTF! Now there's this homing rocket that doesn't stop following you!!

This is like that giant's drink game that'll drive you insane.
dude i got almost 450, but then the stupid fuck came with a big ass iron stick which wasnt impossible to dodge (no space to dodge).. SUUUUX
Owned. 979.
120382 >_<
*noobish,Jul 25 2005, 12:40 PM Wrote:120382 >_<
Yeah I bet.
a pr0n movie finished downloading and i decided to let him capture my mouse ^^;
i give this game a 1.5 .... out of 600
[Image: owned.JPG]

MUAHA, I'm good with photoshop.
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