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Full Version: FFXIV
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-Supposed to be out Spring 2010 [though I'm guessing winter 2010, at earliest much like many of Square-Enix's other releases]
-Will be for PS3 and PC [nothing said about xbox360, however I'm sure whatever microsoft's next console is named, itll work for that...]

I'm anxiously waiting, will be playing with some people I met from FF11, hopefully!

Same races, three towns again, all renamed.

Well FFXI was a good game, if this is similar but improves in the needed areas it'd be worth trying. I'm currently on Aion, maybe I'll get bored of it in a year when this comes out.

A year out from release and its already the best looking game I've ever seen. Usually graphics improve as well when release is so far off. Most of those screen shots are probably from the CG that the game has, but the very first one looks like the game and its pretty amazing.

ffxi was a terrible experience for me duno why
...Is FFXIII even out yet?

And I saw my roommate try out Aion on a Chinese server, looked like WoW with Lineage 2-style art, at least at the first 15 levels.

If FF14 looks like it does in those ...screenshots? concept art? then I think I'll need a new computer to run it with graphics decently high.:(
yep me too lol
I've saved up a lot of money, and financially stable as of this moment....don't owe a damn cent on a credit card or loan. I will be building a PC this winter, probably spending a boat load to make it solely for this game. I already have a PS3, as I bought it for mostly blu-ray and some games~

I tried Aion beta and the launch, but I get bad feelings playing an NCSoft game because how much they ignored the community of Lineage2. Lineage2 retail was and still is one of the most botted, RMTed games in the world, has been like this for 5 years at least. Aion is a good game, but its mostly like a typical MMORPG crowd, young teenagers usually very immature, especially with open PVP/PK, lol.

I've ran into people around my age on FFXI mostly, some extremely older [57 being the oldest I know, and her two daughters being the youngest [8 & 14].

There is about 30-40 of us that played together on FFXI, still currently do when I have time to get on. Majority of us will play on 14 aswell =]
open pvp pk is amazing, where do i find this game? lol i miss the pk'ing of uo.
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