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Full Version: War Rock Open Beta
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A PC based game that combines CS:S and BF2 imo. I loved this game when I dl'ed it. This was the first thing I saw when I left the spawn.
[Image: 3202831728.jpg]

there are 3 game modes:
Mission Mode (a CS style defuse game) [Small Sized Map]
Infantry Mode (a DM game pitting player vs. player with the occasional Hummer + MG) [Medium Sized Map]
Vehicle Mode (BF2 style game where you use your Anti-Aircraft gun to take the plane out of the sky and defend your base while your teammates are using their tanks and helocopters to take the enemies base. Most fun I had this week) [Large Sized Map][ Walking will take you forever]

-Lower system requirements.
-A little of each game in one good package.
- Balanced Gameplay imo
-bad graphics compared to CS:S
-awkward vehicle controls imo
-Lack of weapons and you need to "rent" weapon upgrades

You will need to create account at the Official Site
Website: www.warrock.net


Objectdock Icon I made for personal use
[Image: WarrockCombatant.png]
Overrated game.:(
I love it because this is the closest thing to BF2 I can get.:D
noodles90,Jul 16 2006, 11:59 AM Wrote:I love it because this is the closest thing to BF2 I can get.:D
for free*

The closest thing to BF2 you can get is BF2 itself.:P
no. I can buy it, its just that my PC can't handle it. I don't have enough money to upgrade.:(
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