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Full Version: Hero Online
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closed beta, server: ????

FSCK the servers are all full:P

google it for link, im too lazy

anyways, i know at least me and biggs will be playing, we get a few more and we can make a guild;)

Me, Buddha, Dwoppeh and Womb I know all downloaded it I think.

Here's the link bastages.

makin new account, looks fun
We shall play and own server 2 bitches!
sites down for me i cant donwload it:(
well when you get it, server 2... im going to be an assassin, i think dwop and biggs will be hunters

warriors and priests are always welcomed;)

get our own little guild going:D

scheduled to be up again at 6PM CST

my name shall be Lockless, and I shall have a vagina
i r Dwoppers
I be the Peanut, I shall have a guild going up soon. Just because I am that awesome.
Making an account as well, will re-post with my name once I d/l and install 'n stuff.
I rox, I'm one of the first leepies to get a pet.

[Image: wolf.jpg]

Guild shall follow soon!
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