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I need advice...Which game should i get tomorrow..For either pc, Xbox, Ps2..Helpz0r Please!

Buy a shotgun and end your pathetic exuse of a life. But hey, thats just my opinion:D

P.S. Take out atleast 5 emo kids as well.
Sorry, i'm not emo..I want to live.:P Hm..I COULD kill 5 emo nubs...If you really want me to.. And suprisingly my life isn't so pathetic anymore! So ha!
Dynasty Warriors 5

If you love Chinese weaponry and kicking major ass, buy that game!
pokemon ubernewcolor!

...or some other RPG that keeps you busy for some weeks/months of hardcore playing.

but why the hell do you want to buy a videogame?
If I was him, I would download them!
Ummh...I'll put a chip on my PS2 and buy pirate games for 70 cents ea.
I really need to get a chip into my Xbox. That would be teh ownage!
modded xbox = the poon unfortunately xbox took out of manufacturing so there won't be alot of new games comming to it.
but it still rox
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