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Full Version: Oblivion
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Anyone know about The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion? It looks so freaking awesome. Im getting it this afternoon for the xbox 360. Yayayayaya!

I suggest reading this review: Click here.

I'll be downloading it quite soon.
PC VER here I come haha
I wonder what version is better. Probably depends. If you have a really good PC, then go with PC. If you don't, go Xbox 360. Have you seen the system requirements? Insane.
Im more worried about the gameplay than the requirements. A lot of games are really different from console to pc, like fable:(
http://www.gamerankings.com says the 360 version is slightly better, i'd go for the 360 version if i'd have one. the pc version i grabbed is unrarring now...
just get the damn game. It doesn't matter on what platform, oblivion will rock your ass anyway...
*injects slapdisease into dumez*
hehe, my very own pro-server-fun:D

were 4 day's between the 2 posts man :/
Doubleposter! Banbanbanban!
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