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Full Version: Zooooom
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Ionno, I just felt like posting this here. I've already talked to Duckeh and Womb about this, Womb tried it and said he likey and Duckeh only said he heard of it before. It's just a new game out called "Space Cowboy". When I first gave it to Wombeh he thought it was pr0n.:(


You have to sign up in IE.

If I feel like it I'll take better screenshots later.

[Image: ATM00001.jpg]
[Image: ATM00002.jpg]

This is just a MMORPG flying game with lots of flying around and shooting other things that fly around. There is also dueling, 1v1 fighting, so I want Dwopple to play so I can pwn his face. I wouldn't say this is a longterm game, just a game to entertain you for a little bit.
why am i always the one picked on to be pwnt?:(>.>
Hard to get nice little screenies where I'm showing off because when you hit walls/grounds/anything you take damage.

[Image: ATM00005.jpg]
[Image: ATM00006.jpg]

While I was exploring, that face almost one-hit me.:(
Christ, lvl 16? Im still like 4. Its a fun game. Sadly i had to work instead of play it:(
I hear Space Cowboy and think of Cowboy Bebop.:o
me also.
nice game
:o! u r here:o!

I remember you. You were the one to tell me I was accepted into wroaw. That was good.:D
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