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Woot for me. I'm going to be buying Dragon Quest VIII, which I've always liked the series, and then I shall be getting a playable demo of FFXII with it. I've already seen a trailer of the fighting, and the battle system is leetsauce, although it seems to be tough too.

Eh though, atleast FFXII comes out in the US in August, only half a year left!

To you whores who already knew about this, yeah I know I'm real late on finding out you get a demo of FFXII with DQ8, but I'm slow on finding out a lot of things.

Edit: Here's part of the demo game.
FFXII is a traitor to the series. Battle System is like an mmorpg. How lame.:(
Basically, you mean the battle system is like FFXI. It's a single player game that has a battle system of a multiplayer game, I like it. You could say it's like Secrets/Legends of Mana, except there are still the delay bars.

I shall see how leetsauce the battle system is.
I play a single player FF game to get the whole single player, turned base experiance. If I wanted this battle system, I'd just play FFXI :|

But of course I'll still buy it and probably like it:P
Ph34r the demo I found before, it shows a stage of the demo. 16 minutes long of fighting, and at some points it seems like the player is retarded.

Biggs,Jan 4 2006, 01:41 AM Wrote:You could say it's like Secrets/Legends of Mana,
Legend FTW....amazing customization even though there were only 2 char models LOL
I'm stealing this quote for pengy.

"If you miss random battles, just close your eyes as you run around and wait for the music to change."
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